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October 28, 2012
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This is my first shot at a Fanfiction...Please enjoy. It's a reader x Death the Kid.
Sorry if I accidentally put "she" or "her" instead of "you" Whoopsie.
(W/N)= weapons name
(Y/N)= Your name
(E/C)= eye color

NOTE: This Fanfiction is based on the chapter in the Manga where Maka and the gang go rescue Kid when he gets stuck in that book (forgot the name ^_^). (one of the best chapters, I might add. It's hilarious, but also very dramatic.)

You were now lying in a hospital bed at the dispensary of the DWMA. Pain fell over your body as you remembered...


~flash back~

"Kid, please don't make me do this.." You pleaded. He didn't give A reply, Instead he raised his two guns and pointed them at you.

This felt..

"(Y/N), that's not kid anymore, he's become mad!" Your weapon (W/N) hollered at you.


"I Guess you're right." You said holding up your weapon.

You didn't like this feeling one bit...It was true you had admired Kid in the past, But now he was going mad. Right in front of you. It made you feel sick.

"I'm sorry." You barely whispered, and ran towards Kid with the speed you didn't think you had in you, and tried to swipe him with your weapon. He blocked it by crossing his guns at his chest.

He scoffed. Your blood ran cold.

"Don't make me laugh," his voice made your skin crawl. Your eyes widened in fear.

"Even if you wanted to kill me, You couldn't." he said, Raising his guns and pointing them at you. He fired. Two bullets came hurdling at you.
The two bullets; One hit your forehead and the other embedded itself into your stomach. Before you knew it, you were coughing up blood, and fell backwards slowly dropping your weapon.

This was the day you were going to die. You knew this.. You didn't want to die like this. No sane person would.
Before you blacked out all you could here was the screams of (W/N).

~End of Flashback~

You had survived but barely.
"Professor Stein! is she going to be okay?!" You heard your weapon ask.

"The wounds she received were very harsh on her body. The bullets Kid used were inflicted with madness....So if she's lucky she'll win this battle...But if she isn't madness will slowly eat away at her soul, until it deceives her." He answered.
"We shouldn't of let her go after kid alone." You heard Maka's worried voice. "Please be okay (Y/N).." Tsubaki cut in.
"I feel awful.." Liz said.
"I won't be able to live with myself if she dies.." Kid spoke their was strain in his voice, as if he hadn't slept for days...How long had you been out?

"Well, let her get some rest." Stein finally spoke, and motioned for everyone to the door.
"(Y/N) are you awake?" Opening one eye, you nodded.
"The wounds you took were very bad, but you're going to be just fine once you take these," he held up a bag. "Since the bullets Kid used were inflicted with madness, take these to reduce the threat."
You took them.
"Thanks. If it wasn't for your help I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be here.." Your voice sounded unfamiliar.

"I wouldn't say that. Kid and (W/N) brought you back here." He paused and sat down on his chair.
"Look I know Kid is the last person you'd want to talk to..But if I were you I would. He's going through a rough time right now. You should of seen him in here earlier..." He didn't have to say anymore.
"Okay, i'll go. There's no way i'll be able to forgive him..But it wasn't his fault he was tainted." You slowly got out of the bed wincing in pain. Your clothes had been washed, You put them on in the bathroom and headed out the door as quickly as possible. The wounds you received weren't as bad as you had thought- On your forehead, a scar had been left it had been wrapped rather skillfully. It went directly across your temple. Your stomach had been wrapped in bandages also.

~time skip~

'Damnit....Why did I do this? he almost killed me so why the hell am I going to see him?...Shouldn't it be the other way around..?' You thought to yourself.

You kept walking through the halls until you saw Kid, Liz and Patty.
"KID!" You hallored trying to catch up with him. He turned around.
"I didn't expect to see you out so early.." He mumbled. He looked over you. Up and down, scanning your appearance. His eyes made you squirm.

"Is something wrong?" You asked. You looked at yourself...Your symmetry was off.
His eye twitched.
"ah..hell...don't tell me-"
"(Y-Y-Y/N)! your symmetry...Its gone.. what did you do to yourself!?" he whined. "I can't stand you now...your revolting..." those words crushed you in every single way. How could he say such things? It wasn't your fault after all!
That set you off.

It wasn't long before your hand whipped across his face. He looked at you in shock, angered (E/C) orbs met his golden shocked ones.

"Excuse me, but your the one who did this to me in the first place! So blame your damn self." your voice cracked, you felt tears coming on but blinked them away.

"I don't care if madness was eating away at you...You could of stopped yourself!" you paused- no you weren't going to cry in front on him, you thought of it as a sign of weakness. "to think...I actually liked you..." you whispered before running off.

"Kid, what the heck was that for?! I know you have OCD but go fix this!" Liz practically yelled into the boys ear.
"Ooh...Kids got himself in trouble!" Patty giggled. With that, he ran after you.

He found you sitting on the edge of one of the schools many balconies.

"I FOUND YOU!" he yelled, panting a look of pride on his face.

You turned. "Go away.." you sobbed.

"I can't control myself when it comes to symmetry..I'm sorry.."

"Yeah. I get it. Well i'm going to get going. Me and (W/N) are going to leave after I recover."

"What? You can't leave!"

"Who says I can't...I almost died..and something like that has never happened to me before..Therefore I'm leaving, its not like i'm going to be missed anyway. Nobody cares if I leave." You said hastily, standing up and going to face him. His dark eyes met yours. A serious look crossed his face.

"i'll miss you.." He grabbed you and pulled you into him then leaned down to kiss you. His lips were feather soft, and were very hesitant at first- fearful of rejection. It took you a few seconds to process what was happening then started to kiss him back. You then carefully wrapped your arms around his shoulders, slowly. His hands found your waist and pulled you closer, deepening the contact. The kiss lasted for a few seconds before he pulled away, and then hugged you tightly.

'men..' You sighed.
My first shot at a fanfiction... So I'm doing a death the kid x reader because I love Soul Eater!

PS- A lot of people put things like 'I love you!' or stuff like that in their fanfictions. Personally, I don't like doing that because I mean- only if your older not like, 13. It also kinda ruins it for me. It just seems morally wrong too me I can understand- 'I like you.' But not 'I love you.' In a younger story. It bugs me when I'm reading a fanfiction and they say 'I love you!' And what? their like...12? 
PSS- If you see this one-shot posted anywhere else, aside from Devianart- Please notify me. So far Devianart is the only website I use for my writing.
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